DAF Night Lock

DAF Night Lock

To protect truck drivers against intrusions and robberies in their cabs, DAF has become the first truck manufacturer to introduce a night lock for the doors. It can be easily and quickly mounted to every DAF XF105.

The DAF Night Lock is a mechanical lock mounted on the cabin sidewall and with a pin of hardened steel that slides into the armrest of the door in which the necessary reinforcements are already factory installed.

When developing the DAF Night Lock, in addition to the highest possible strength and simple mounting, optimal ease of use was also central. To ensure that the driver is also able to exit the cab quickly in emergency situations, one press on the red button is sufficient to immediately disengage the lock.

A special sticker on the door handle alerts those outside to the presence of the DAF Night Lock. Whenever it is engaged, it is impossible to open the truck door, even using a crowbar.
 DAF Night LockDAF Night Lock




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