New PACCAR Parts Distribution Center opens for business

26-07-2013, DAF Trucks UK

PACCAR Parts has opened its new state-of-the-art PACCAR Parts Distribution Center (PDC) in Eindhoven. The new parts distribution centre has a surface area of 26,000 m², can store over 65,000 different truck parts and will play an important role in the continued growth of DAF Trucks in the European market. The construction of the new PDC involved an investment of around €30 million.

"This new PDC is the largest of all fourteen PACCAR parts distribution centers worldwide and is the most important in Europe", says Dick Leek, general manager of PACCAR Parts Europe. "The new distribution center was built to also support the introduction of a completely new generation of Euro 6 vehicles, which increased the number of parts we need to store from 50,000 to over 65,000".

Delivery reliability 99.98%

The new PACCAR Parts Distribution Center delivers directly to DAF dealers in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France and also provides in daily deliveries to the other European PDCs in Leyland (UK), Budapest (Hungary), Madrid (Spain) and Moscow (Russia).

"In Eindhoven we achieve a service level of 98%, which means that almost all parts for DAF trucks are directly available from stock", says Dick Leek. "Our actual delivery reliability is currently at 99.98%, unique in our industry. This doesn't only apply to genuine DAF parts but also to the extensive TRP range of universal parts for trucks and trailers along with workshop consumables".

In order to guarantee rapid delivery of parts which are ordered, the new PACCAR Parts Distribution Center in Eindhoven operates with the most advanced logistics systems, including radio frequency communication and voice-controlled picking orders.

Dick Leek: "These systems guarantee maximum quality and efficiency. Inside the new PACCAR Parts Distribution Center, we handle around 12,000 customer order lines every day. The centre plays an important role in the continued growth of DAF in Europe, with first class availability of parts for maximum vehicle availability for our customers".

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