400 DAF New CF and New XF Trucks for Révész Group

03-11-2017, DAF Trucks UK

The leading Hungarian Révész Group is putting 400 DAF New CF and New XF trucks into operation. After evaluating several brands this year, DAF was found to be the best in terms of value for money, and low operating and service costs.

Since its foundation in the ‘80s Révész Group has developed into an industry leading transport company, offering its customers bulk, tank and general transportation as well as value added logistics, with specialisation in hazardous goods and chemicals. Révész Group currently operates a fleet of over 450 trucks.

The decision to put 400 of the New CF and New XF DAFs into operation over the next 12 months is driven by the excellent fuel economy achieved during an extensive comparison test which covered over 3,500 kilometres on a route from The Netherlands to Hungary and back. The test proved that, compared to its already highly fuel efficient predecessor, the New XF can deliver fuel savings of no less than 7%.

As well as the great fuel efficiency, there are other reasons that the Révész Group has opted for the New CF and New XF. “The first new tractors were driven home from the DAF factory in The Netherlands by our drivers themselves,” said Zoltán Sipos, Managing Director of Lerton Trans Ltd, part of the Révész Group, “and they are very enthusiastic about the excellent engine torque and the overall driving characteristics. This is very important to us as we want to give our drivers the best comfort possible.”

Gábor Maczkó, Managing Director of Révész Trans Ltd., said, “To date, our fleet has consisted mainly of DAF CF trucks because of their very low kerb weight for the highest payloads, which is crucial in bulk and tank transport. In these operations every kilogramme counts. Now, DAF has significantly reduced the kerb weight of its top-of-the-range model, and we have decided to switch to the XF Super Space Cab to provide our drivers unequalled space and comfort, whilst we as a company benefit from industry-leading fuel efficiency and overall transport efficiency.”

The first batch of 180 New CF and New XF trucks will be delivered to Révész Group in the coming months, with the remaining 220 trucks following next year.

The leading Hungarian Révész Group is putting 400 DAF New CF and New XF trucks into operation. A test by Révész proved that the New XF can deliver fuel savings of no less than 7%.

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