2,000,000th Axle

01-02-2012, DAF Trucks UK

DAF Vlaanderen Manufactures 2,000,000th Axle


On 1 December 2011, the 2,000,000th axle left the production line at DAF Vlaanderen in Oevel in the municipality of Westerlo, Belgium. “This is a tremendous milestone in the history of DAF’s axle and cab factory”, said Harrie Schippers, President–Director of DAF Trucks N.V.


DAF took over the new production facilities in Belgium in 1966. It started out with the manufacture of cabs, then in 1971, it added axles to its repertoire. In addition to cabs, DAF Vlaanderen in Westerlo also manufactures axles for the popular CF and XF105 models, including 7.5 and 9–tonne front axles, 13–tonne rear axles and 26–tonne tandem axles for single or tandem drive. The axles developed and manufactured by the company are optimally tailored to DAF trucks so as to achieve maximum quality, reliability and efficiency. What really sets DAF axles apart is their low unladen weight for a high load capacity and the large range of versions available.

Major investments
Just like in the cab factory, major investments have also been made in the axle factory over the past few years in order maximise efficiency and quality. For example, a new half shaft line has been produced and the factory uses the latest in robotic technology. Production takes place sequentially following the ‘just–in–time’ principle, which means that the axles are delivered to the DAF assembly plant in Eindhoven and to Leyland Trucks in Great Britain at precisely the right time. DAF Vlaanderen currently manufactures around 475 axles per day.

“The milestone of 2,000,000 manufactured axles is a fantastic recognition of the employees of DAF Vlaanderen”, explains Harrie Schippers. “Thanks in part to their effort and dedication, we are able to supply axles of the highest quality, which is essential for drivelines that combine maximum efficiency with optimum sustainability.”


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