A comprehensive range of remanufactured TRP Brake Shoes for DAF Trucks has been added to the range of TRP Brake Parts. All products are remanufactured according to DAF specifications. Products have been independently tested and ECE R90 approved. TRP Brake Shoes for DAF, combine high brake performance with long life. DAF trucks are widely used for various transport solutions. When a DAF truck is equipped with brake drums it often operates in heavy circumstances. To make sure a truck driver can rely on their truck, a properly working brake system is of crucial importance. TRP offers the best of both worlds, an economic solution with maximum brake performance. 8 ISSUE ONE BRAKESHOES 3  Manufactured according to DAF specification 3 High brake performance 3 Durable and reliable 3 Competitive pricing 3  State of the art remanufacturing process 3  ISO 9001 Production and Warehouse operations 3  ISO 14001 Environmental standard 3  ECE R90 Approved brake lining, TRP branded 3  Same remanufacturing process as DAF OE brake shoes 3  Tested and approved by DAF, high brake performance 3  Perfect fit and quality product. What is ECE104 ? ECE104 is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the use of retro-reflective safety markings on goods vehicles over 7.5T or trailers over 3.5T and has been mandatory on newly registered vehicles & trailers since July 2011. WHY APPLY CONSPICUITY MARKINGS ? WHAT IS THE E-MARK ? Without the E-Mark, the product is not compliant with the regulation. ECE104 compliant retro-reflective materials are identified with an E-Mark symbol which is proof that the products have been tested and certified by an independent and authorised centre and meet all the requirements of ECE104. FEATURES 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 983) 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 997) 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 997S) Typical Use For all applications on rigid surfaces For all applications on curtain-sides Suitable Application Surfaces & Substrates Aluminium, stainless steel, automotive paint 3M approved coated curtains, not older than 6 months Maximum Warranty on Refectivity 8 Years 3 Years Standard Colour Range White, Red & Yellow Adhesive Clear pressure sensitive ECE104 Compliant Yes Product Construction Highly reflective prismatic construction Highly reflective, flexible, prismatic construction E-Mark Yes (104 R-00821) Yes (104 R-003189) Application Quickly and easily applied CURTAIN RIGID APPLICATION WVA BRAKE SIZE DAF SET NUMBER TRP PART NUMBER CF, XF 19890/19891 420 X 200 - 1540980R CF, XF 19900/19901 420 X 150 0683250R 1540981R CF, XF 19888/19889 420 X 175 0683252R 1540982R CF, XF 19010/19011 420 X 150 0683251R 1540983R CF, XF 19052/19055 420 X 175 0683253R 1540984R CF, XF 19063/19064 420 X 200 0683255R 1540985R CONSPICUITYTAPE We have a full range of workshop chemicals available for delivery. Quality high performance products. 9 ISSUE ONE WORKSHOPCHEMICALS BLUE •  Suitable for use in diesel and petrol engines •  Amine Free •  Phosphate Free •  Nitrite Free H-OAT - GREEN A hybrid OAT anti-freeze suitable for mixed fleet applications Our anti-freeze larger packs are 205ltr – not 199ltr like many suppliers Our anti-freeze is fully concentrated – many alternatives are part diluted which means they have a higher freezing point Our anti-freeze protects down to -37˚C at 50/50 dilution – In Northern Scotland and Mainland Europe, temperatures often drop below -18˚, part diluted anti-freeze will then freeze Our fully concentrated anti-freeze can be 32% cheaper than part diluted anti-freeze at comparable dilution DID YOU KNOW? 1 3 2 4 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER Anti-Freeze Blue Coolant 1L 1541870 5L 1541871 25L 1541872 205L 1541873 1000L (Special order) 1541874 Ready-Mix 1000L (Special order) 1541875 Anti-Freeze Oat Red Coolant 1L 1541876 5L 1541877 25L 1541878 205L 1541879 1000L (Special order) 1541880 Anti-Freeze H-Oat Green Coolant 1L 1541881 5L 1541882 25L 1541883 205L 1541884 Anti-Freeze Si-Oat Purple Coolant 1L 1541885 5L 1541886 25L 1541887 205L 1541888 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER Screenwash -20˚C Concentrate 500ml 1541889G 1L 1541890 2L 1541891 5L 1541892 25L 1541893 205L 1541894 1000L (Special order) 1541895 Screenwash -8˚C Ready to Use 5L 1541896 25L 1541897 1000L (Special order) 1541898 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER 500ml (trigger) 1541899 750ml (trigger) 1541900 Professional 25L 1541901 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER Standard5L 1541910 Standard25L 1541911 Standard205L 1541912 Premium5L 1541913 Premium25L 1541914 Premium205L 1541915 Wash&Wax5L 1541909 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER 1L 1541917 5L 1541918 25L 1541919 25L 1541872 SIZE TRP PART NUMBER Aerosol 400ml 1541902G Aerosol 600ml 1541903G 5L 1541904 25L 1541905 Dispenser 1541906 OAT - RED •  Suitable for use in diesel and petrol engines •  Amine Free •  Phosphate & Nitrite Free •  Borax & Silicate Free SI-OAT - PURPLE Latest generation coolant using Silicated Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology TRP BRAKE SHOES FOR DAF WHAT COLOUR MARKINGS CAN BE USED? Position on Vehicle :- FRONT – WHITE SIDES – YELLOW OR WHITE* REAR – RED OR YELLOW* * The Department for Transport states that UK preference for colours is yellow to the side and red to the rear •  The markings clearly outline the rear and side of the vehicle, making it visible for up to 1000 metres at night •  Helps to reduce accidents and save lives. •  Improved safety and increased visibility of vehicles •  Reduced accidents means less downtime and decreased repair costs •  Improve corporate image through being more proactive about safety •  Protect your company against potential legal action related to third party safety •  To meet the regulatory requirements of ECE104 from July 2011 TRAFFIC FILM REMOVER •  General purpose TFR •  Removes general road grime and dirt •  Premium is super concentrated (5L bottle makes up to 50L) BRAKE & CLUTCH CLEANER DE-IONISED WATER SCREEN WASH •  Removes dirt, grime & insects •  Cleans without smearing •  Reduces wiper judder •  High Power concentrate •  Helps prevent harmful bacteria •  Ready to use. Helps prevent freezing down to -8˚C •  Concentrate prevents freezing down to -20˚C DE-ICER •  Fast acting •  Rapidly defrosts down to -20˚C •  Prevents re-freezing ANTI-FREEZE