 dentify the correct part without a part number, using dimensions only. One off builds available VRN LOOKUP TRPClutchKits NewLightbars &Beacons 13 Series R65 LED Lightbar •  Solid state, maintenance free, long life LED technology •  All Lightbars manufactured in UK •  Suitable for variety of vehicles, including Recovery trucks, fleets, highway maintenance •  Custom configurations available •  24, 16 or 12 LED module options •  Pre-wired with 7 pin central connection •  Full LED inc. directional indicator LCG • Polycarbonate lenses • Clear & amber options •  Opal centre sections on request •  Optional accessory Controller EcoLED Series Beacons • 12 LED Amber • R65 double flash pattern •  Increased high performance EMC • Robust & Compact. •  Four standard mounting options • 360° light output •  Operating voltage range 12-24 •  Long life LED technology 3 ISSUE ONE ISSUE ONE TRPStarters &Alternators forDAFEUROIIItoVVehicles •  Built from one seamless tube •  Finished with a protective paint finish •  Dynamically balanced for high quality performance •  Brand new Propshaft No reconditioned parts used •  Built to OE specification – High quality • Original fit and function •  One-off builds available •  Ensures strength and balance • Smooth for high performance • Made to fit like OE •  Ensures performance matches OE Our new range of OE spec Propshafts enhances the TRP range and offers you the opportunity to custom build to your own specification. TRPAllMakes Propshafts TRP Starter Motors are designed to offer high starting performance and a long life for engines in all circumstances. TRP Alternators are designed with impressive power outputs and are highly efficient for improved economy and lower emissions for customers. •  Quality alternative to DAF Starter Motor and Alternator range •  Excellent performance for heavy duty purposes •  Range cover – DAF Euro III-V applications • 100% new components •  All products extensively tested •  Manufactured according to OE performance standards • Competitive prices •  No Surcharge or core return required • 2 year warranty •  High levels of quality and reliability •  Over 200 kits in the range •  Competitive prices •  2 year (unlimited mileage) warranty •  Supplied by one of Europe’s leading clutch suppliers •  Top quality assured facings used throughout – OE approved •  Built to O.E. individual part specifications •  All finished units 100% line tested •  Certified ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 BS standards •  Component parts are sourced from quality audited suppliers – all being TS 16949 approved •  All product is identified for traceability •  Heavy duty boxes in TRP brand image ALLMAKESPROPSHAFTS LIGHTBARS & BEACONS ISSUE 1 NOVEMBER 2018 – FEBRUARY 2019 CALLUS FORAGR£AT PRICE STARTERS APPLICATION STARTING POWER (kW) TEETH DAF REMAN PART NUMBER TRP PART NUMBER 85CF - CF85 - 95XF -XF95 6,0 11 1739936R 1357212R 1357210R 1317220R 1540484 LF45 - LF45IV - LF55 - LF55IV - CF65 - CF65II - CF65IV 5,0 10 1387383R 1540485 XF105 - CF85IV 6,0 11 1956090R 2015153R 1540486 CF75 5,0 11 1735788R 1540487 ALTERNATORS APPLICATION CAPACITY (AMP) PULLEY DAF REMAN PART NUMBER TRP PART NUMBER CF75 - CF85 - XF95 80A NO 1368327R 1697321R 1540479 CF75 - CF85 - XF95 110A NO 1377860R 1697322R 1540480 LF45 - LF45IV - LF55 - LF55IV - CF65 - CF65IV 110A NO 1400520R 1401948R 1540481 95XF - 85CF - 75CF - 65CF 110A NO 1357591R 1357593R 1540482 XF105 - CF85IV 110A NO 1626130R 1927311R 1976291R 1540483 LIGHTBARS 12V / 24V LEDS LENGTH COLOUR AMPS ICE LED SERIES TRP PART NUMBER 16 1212mm Amber 8.8 3 12 Series 2169240 16 1524mm Amber 8.8 3 12 Series 2169241 24 770mm Amber/Clear lens 5.6 13 Series 2169242 24 1000mm Amber/Clear lens 5.6 13 Series 2169243 24 1250mm Amber/Clear lens 5.6 13 Series 2169244 24 1500mm Amber/Clear lens 5.6 13 Series 2169245 BEACONS 12V/24V 3 BOLT 1 BOLT FLEXI MAG TRP PART NUMBER 3 2169246 3 2169247 3 2169249 3 2169250 SUBSTANTIAL RANGE COVERING VOLVO / IVECO / MAN / SCANIA NEW RANGE NEW RANGE NEW RANGE THE BEST PARTS IN THE BUSINESS That’s why parts and consumables that make up the TRP range are only sourced from quality manufacturers who often supply OE parts for manufacturers – which is why we can confidently offer a minimum 12 months warranty on the parts we supply. The TRP truck and trailer parts and consumables range has been built over many years by DAF Trucks, leaders in the UK truck market, so it won’t surprise you to know that it’s the largest range in the UK and is constantly growing to include more quality parts so you can source everything you need to keep you moving from one trusted supplier. As your local DAF dealer, we are part of the largest network of truck dealers in the UK, and we use economies of scale to offer quality parts at competitive prices, together with industry leading off-the-shelf availability for thousands of parts – often by multiple daily deliveries, making sure you get the parts you need when you want them. Moreover, we have experienced parts staff who use state-of-the- art parts identification software so when you order a part, we deliver the right one first time, minimising downtime and maximising your efficiency. Welcome to this, our first issue of TRP Torque, packed with parts and consumables to keep your fleet rolling during the busiest and most challenging time of the year. As winter approaches, we all know how important it is for truck operators to keep their trucks and trailers on the road, ensuring that customer deliveries get to their destination on time. We also understand that running costs are important, and everyone is looking for efficiencies to maintain a healthy balance sheet. But just how far do you go to save on maintenance costs when you need maximum up- time and your reputation for reliability could be at stake? It’sthattime ofyearagain... WE’VE GOT THE PARTS YOU NEED ALL AT COMPETITIVE PRICES! GLEN CROMPTON Parts Marketing Manager DAF Trucks UK If you run a fleet, or repair HGV trucks and trailers, we can be an invaluable business partner, ensuring you keep the trucks and trailers you repair on the road, and helping you sleep easier at night! LETUS QUOTE YOUAPRICE TODAY! REGISTRATIONNO. GB LETUSHAVEYOURVEHICLE ANDWECANIDENTIFYTHERIGHTPROPSHAFTFOR YOUANDQUOTEACOMPETITIVEPRICE!